My story

Yoga is not just the shapes we make with our bodies on the mat, but a part of something greater. When I first started practising yoga over twenty years ago, to help recovery from illness, I was seeking connection between mind and body, but gradually the magic spread to all areas of my life.

Daily asana practice and meditation has allowed a greater acceptance of who I am, my abilities and limitations. I am big fan of the ‘slow movement’, a great way to find more space in our lives and work out what’s really important. Reading, baking, crochet and lots of walks in nature are a big part of my life (oh, and tea!). Yoga and meditation are a great way to slow down and take stock of where you are in this moment.

Life is a journey, an opportunity to study the self and the dharma; a challenge to just ‘be’ in the world and appreciate things as they are. Yoga and meditation are great tools we have to still the mind and see what arises, and accept it as it is.

I have practiced many styles of yoga, starting with alignment-focused Iyengar, to ashtanga vinyasa, jivamukti, vinyasa flow, well women’s yoga and yin yoga. Up until 6yrs ago, I worked as a clinical nurse specialist in women’s health, and I have a holistic view of medical conditions and injuries.

I also occasionally write articles on meditation and yoga:

Mummy, can we meditate now – The Independent, June 2 2010