My story

I had dabbled with yoga as a child, copying the pictures in my mum’s Richard Hittleman book. I first got on the yoga mat seriously in 1997 with the course in the back of Iyengar’s Light on Yoga, in search of connection between body and mind. I was recovering from an eating disorder and depression, and needed to find a kinder way of inhabiting my body. Yoga gave me a way of feeling embodied and grounded that I had never had before.

Yoga (and later, meditation) provided a platform for personal growth and transformation in the area of self acceptance and connecting with a larger purpose. By observing your fear in that big backbend, you can really learn a lot about how you face fears in your everyday life. It’s all there in the microcosm of the yoga mat, you just need to tune it in.

I became a teacher to share the potential of this transformation with others, and have been surprised how much I love teaching (I’m really a bit of a wallflower!)

I have been teaching vinyasa flow yoga since Jan 2017, and have been practising since 1997 (over 20yrs). I am inspired by David Swenson, Lara Baumann and Shiva Rea.

I graduated from a Yoga Alliance accredited 200hrs training with YogaLondon in 2017. I am also a qualified nurse and have a diploma in counselling skills. My classes are accessible yet challenging, have a creative approach to sequencing and always feature a gentle soundtrack to complement your experience.

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