I am a qualified yoga teacher and wellness blogger with an interest in women’s health in the heart of Brighton.  I teach privately and also run vinyasa flow classes. In a former life, I was a senior sister in women’s health at the Royal Free Hospital…

In Sanskrit, the word ‘vinyasa’ means to place something in a sacred and special way, and refers to the moving meditation that is vinyasa flow yoga. Rather than a series of static poses, this style of yoga is more like a fluid, mindful, dance with ourselves.  The pace can be gentle, or more dynamic. Sequences of poses are linked by a ‘vinyasa’ or half a sun salutation, and each movement is linked to the breath. A true mind-body class.
A typical class will start with some gentle warming up, meditation and centring, sun salutations, and then moving through some standing poses, seated poses, including twists and backbends, before a finishing sequence, some breath work and a relaxation at the end. All poses can be modified to suit all levels.
All classes include pranayama (breath control), meditation and relaxation.
Michelle Mathias - Yoga Teacher in Brighton